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Check out all of our Family Meal options!

All Family Meals should be enough for 4 - 6 people.  All are served with a Large Bag of Chips and our Red Salsa (16 oz.)

They are available for Carry Out, Curbside or Delivery through our partners Menufy and DoorDash!

Fajita Family Meal  $42.00

Choose from Chicken, Steak (or a mix of both) grilled with onions, peppers and tomatoes.  Served with Salad (lettuce, sour cream, cheese and tomato), Spanish rice, refried beans and 12 tortillas. (Choose from corn or flour soft tortillas)

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12 Enchiladas  $29.00

Choose from shredded chicken, ground beef or cheese for your filling, or a mix of all three.  Enchiladas are topped with red sauce and melted cheese.  Served with Spanish rice and refried beans.

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15 Tacos D​e Asada  $40.00

Choose from soft corn or flour tortillas, filled with a choice of Grilled Chicken, Carne Asada (Steak) or Carnitas (Slow cooked pork).  Served with a side of our home made Hot Salsa, Cilantro and Onions, Spanish rice and refried beans.

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